About Tyrese

Eleven-year-old Tyrese was born with CHARGE syndrome, and he has limited sight and hearing.

TyreseBut he doesn’t let this hold him back! Tyrese was awarded Sense Young Deafblind Person of the Year - for being a wonderful ambassador for the deafblind community.

How Sense is helping Tyrese

Sense has been supporting Tyrese and his family since he was a baby, helping to navigate the whirlwind of medical appointments and disability forms, and encouraging Tyrese to communicate through Makaton and British Sign Language. Now at school, he’s begun to realise that not everyone is deaf and not everyone can sign and that’s something he really wants to change! Tyrese loves nothing more than teaching the people he meets how to sign- everything from “hello” to how to order a big portion of chips.

“There have been lots of people who have walked along the path of Tyrese’s life but few have been there all the way through and will remain there to support him as he grows older, the main one being Sense.”
Vicky, Tyrese’s mum

Your gift of £170 could pay for a session at home with a Sense specialist to help a deafblind child like Tyrese learn to communicate.

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First published: Wednesday 25 May 2016
Updated: Wednesday 25 May 2016