About Theo

Six-year-old Theo has a rare condition called CHARGE. He is blind in one eye and has problems with his ears that affect his balance. He’s also fed through a tube into his stomach and has a heart defect. 

Theo at a farm feeding some pigsHow Sense supports Theo

Theo’s condition means that he can’t take part in many of the activities that other children enjoy.

But when he came on a Sense holiday last year, Theo threw himself into it whole heartedly. He fed pigs, splashed about in the hydrotherapy pool, had a great day at the seaside and even rode the log flume at an adventure park - activities which were completely unimaginable when he was first diagnosed.

“I’m so proud of everything that Theo achieved on his Sense Holiday .“
Theo’s Mum, Myriam

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First published: Wednesday 4 March 2015
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015