About Scarlett

Sense Children & Family Support Workers are vital in helping deafblind children like Scarlett prepare for big life events – like a first day at school.

Scarlett playing with her toysWith a unique set of conditions, even medical experts weren’t sure what to expect from Scarlett or what she’d be able to achieve. But with the help of her family and Sense, Scarlett attended her first day at school.

Following an assessment carried out by a Sense Children & Family Worker, Scarlett now has the one-to-one support of an intervenor. An intervenor acts as a deafblind child’s eyes and ears.  Scarlett’s intervenor used sign language to help her understand her lessons.  They put their hands into Scarlett’s so she can feel the shapes of the signs being made rather than depending on their sight. This support means that Scarlett can take an active part in school activities just like any other child.

Scarlett loved her first day at school. Susie, Scarlett’s mum, said:

"It’s lovely with any child, but to see Scarlett do these things, when you just didn’t know whether she ever would, is amazing."

Your gift of £25.55 could pay travel costs for a Sense Children & Family Support Worker to visit a child like Scarlett at home and make sure she’s getting the support she needs at school.

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First published: Monday 27 January 2014
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015