About Noah

Noah was born with one extra chromosome, and as a result he is deafblind, with limited sight and very little hearing.

With support from Sense, Noah and his family are learning Makaton – a language programme that combines signs, symbols and speech. With each day, Noah learns new words, which makes his mum and dad very proud. Noah also enjoys music therapy sessions at Sense where he loves playing the drum.

How Sense supports Noah

Noah is learning to communicate with his mum and takes part in weekly playgroups where he loves learning new songs and games. With the help of Helen, his Sense Children & Family Support Worker, he’s discovered rhythm and vibrations, and really enjoys drumming.

Watch Noah to see how music helps him make sense of the world around him.

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It’s wonderful to see Noah enjoying himself. By giving your support, you’ll play a part in making new discoveries happen for Noah and other deafblind children.

By giving £15 today you can help to teach a child like Noah learn new signs to use to tell his mother what he needs, wants and likes.

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First published: Tuesday 29 May 2012
Updated: Tuesday 29 September 2015