About Matthew

Five-year-old Matthew was born prematurely and as a result he cannot see or hear very well.

Matthew holding his book

So learning to communicate was very difficult for him. Luckily for Matthew he was given a best friend in Teddy, a toy monkey. And his family found Sense!

How Sense supports Matthew

When he started coming to his local Sense Centre, Helen, his Children & Family Support Worker had a great idea. She discovered that Matthew’s friendship with Teddy was the key to him learning to communicate. Whatever Teddy did, Matthew did too! You can see a video of him exchanging toys with Teddy below.

Matthew is now learning sign language and can communicate with his loved ones.

Matthew is now thriving at school and is learning to read - he has even started to recite books out loud to his mum. She jokes that as he has become so confident, he's going to end up on the stage!

Our Family Centres are key to supporting children like Matthew. Will you give a gift and help other deafblind children come to a Sense Family Centres?

£56 could pay for a child like Matthew to attend one pre-school group session at a Sense Family Centre.

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First published: Monday 21 January 2013
Updated: Tuesday 29 September 2015