About Kiera

Kiera, 11, is completely blind and has only a little hearing. Very busy environments are stressful for her, which means that she cannot enjoy normal childhood activities such as going to the park or swimming pool, or visiting a friend’s house. 

Kiera with wind blowing on her face. Kiera suffered a detached retina when she was 6 years old, losing the limited sight that she was born with. She now relies totally on touch to know that someone is with her, which can be very lonely.

How Sense is helping Kiera

Despite her difficulties, with Sense’s ongoing support, Kiera continues to learn and inspire those around her.

Kiera’s mum Ashling is excited about the new Sense Children’s centre, which will provide a safe place where she can be happy and play, using hand-under-hand signing to explore her surroundings and try new activities.

“It will be amazing for Kiera to be at the centre where children and adults will pick up her hands. She will know she is around people who understand her, and will make new friends.”
Ashling, Kiera’s mum

Your gift of £168 will keep the new Children’s centre open for one day.


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First published: Tuesday 29 September 2015
Updated: Friday 13 November 2015