About Jenna

Jenna has a complex brain condition and epilepsy, which gives her seizures and affects her hearing.

Her sight is limited, and because she’s still quite young, she finds it really hard to understand what’s going on around her.

Jenna and her mum play high fivesHow Sense supports Jenna

Jenna and her mum Katy communicate using toys and objects that stand for the activities they are about to do.

Now, with help from her Support Worker Vikki, Katy is gradually introducing Jenna to signs and words that mean the same things. She told us:

"Thanks to Sense, Jenna can now do so many things. It doesn’t feel like I’m just her carer any more. I’m her mum.”
Katy, Jenna's mum


Your gift of £170 could pay for a Sense Support Worker to visit a child like Jenna and help them learn to communicate, perhaps for the first time.


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First published: Wednesday 4 March 2015
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015