About Jake

JakeEight-year-old Jake has CHARGE syndrome. He is deafblind, and has a very poor sense of balance. Jake loves moving fast but because he can’t see or hear – and falls over a lot – his parents need to watch over him constantly to keep him out of danger.

How Sense is helping Jake

It’s unlikely that Jake will ever be able to drive a car. But for one very special moment on his Sense Holiday, Jake felt like a champion racing driver. Sitting safely behind a go-kart driver, he could smell the oil, feel the vibration of the engine and the tight turns of the track, and the exhilaration of pure speed!

And he got to stand on the winner’s podium and feel – perhaps for the only time in his life – like he was a racing champion.

“Jake absolutely loved his Sense Holiday. He got to do lots of things that every eight-year-old little boy would love, but Jake can’t usually do because he’s deafblind.”
Abi, Jake’s mum

Your gift of £60 could pay for six deafblind children to try go-karting – something that even their parents may have thought impossible.

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First published: Friday 20 May 2016
Updated: Friday 20 May 2016