About Isaac

 Three-year-old Isaac has CHARGE syndrome - he is deafblind and was born without a sense of balance, which makes it very difficult for him to navigate the world around him. But there’s a special place where Isaac feels safe and secure -and where he’s never made to feel different - the Sense family group.

How Sense supports Isaac

Here people see Isaac for who he is – a happy little boy who loves going for walks, watching the glow-in-the-dark jellyfish in the aquarium and cuddles from his mum and dad. As his mum Kelly says, it’s the one place where people only focus on who Isaac is, rather than on his diagnosis. For Kelly it’s also a chance to meet with other families who are having a similar experience.

 “With healthcare professionals, or even out in the community, Isaac is always the one with a condition. What I love about Sense is that Isaac can just be him. They celebrate his personality, not his diagnosis.”
Kelly, Isaac’s mum

Your gift of £56 could enable a child like Isaac to attend a Sense group and have the chance to express themselves and have fun.

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First published: Wednesday 10 June 2015
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015