About Imogen

Five-year-old Imogen has problems with her sight and hearing.

Close up of smiling Imogen in a pretty floral dressBecause of her developmental delay, it takes her brain longer to work out what she’s seeing and hearing. This can be scary and means that she will often shy away from getting involved in new activities.

However, one thing that always gets Imogen excited is music! She loves music therapy at her local centre as you can see from the video below.

How Sense is helping Imogen

Imogen recently attended a music-themed family day at Sense’s Woodside Centre, where she is a regular visitor. An African band was playing and Imogen took part in lots of fun activities.

Taking part in days like this is really helping to bring this musical little girl out of her shell.

“There’s such a warm feeling whenever I take Imogen to Woodside. The minute we walk in the door it lifts away all the problems we might be having.”
Jo, Imogen’s mum

Watch a short film of Imogen singing the ABC song


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First published: Monday 27 October 2014
Updated: Friday 20 May 2016