About Chloe

Sense helps deafblind children to overcome the challenges around communicating and make friends of their own.

Close up of ChloeHow Sense supports Chloe

Making friends can be really difficult for a deafblind child like Chloe. Without the proper support, childhood can be a lonely time. But with the right support from Sense and lots of hard work and courage, Chloe has recently started school and now has two new best friends!

When Chloe's mum, Jane was told that Chloe was not only deaf, but also couldn't see – she couldn't imagine what life for Chloe would be like. How would her little girl communicate? Would she be able to go to school? Would she make friends?

It's been a long journey from that point, but recently Chloe's mum took her for her very first day at school.

Clive, her Consultant Teacher from Sense, helped arrange everything with the school, so she has everything she needs. The team was in place from her very first day to help her to get to know the other children and learn everyone's names.

Her mum told us:

"To her friends, she is just Chloe. She's not that blind child in the corner, or someone to feel sorry for. Her friends love her for her – for the slightly strong-willed and funny person she is. It's amazing, it means everything."


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First published: Tuesday 27 May 2014
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015