About Amelie

Six-year-old Amelie has CHARGE syndrome. She is deafblind and has difficulty eating and drinking. When she was born, her mum and dad were worried that she might never be able to communicate. Fortunately, Sense has been there from the beginning, helping Amelie to find her voice.

AmelieHow Sense supports Amelie

Amelie’s dad, James, says that Sense has 'switched a light on' in Amelie.

A Sense family support worker has spent countless hours with Amelie from a very young age, identifying different ways for her to communicate.

This early intervention has made a vital difference- enabling Amelie to develop into a bright and confident little girl who always knows what she wants.

For example, when she’s at school and the other children are having juice, even though she can’t drink herself, Amelie will absolutely insist on having a cup with a straw too, so that she can fit in!

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First published: Wednesday 10 June 2015
Updated: Tuesday 22 December 2015