About Abbie

Six-year-old Abbie is deafblind, has a severe developmental delay and can’t sit up unaided.

AbbieWhen Abbie was born, her mum and dad feared that Abbie might never be able to communicate at all.

How Sense is helping Abbie

For Abbie’s mum and dad, Liz and Sam, not knowing what their little girl was feeling or how to play with her was both heartbreaking and frustrating. But now, thanks to their Sense family support worker, Abbie is discovering the activities and toys she loves at her local Sense Saturday Club. But even more importantly, she’s able to tell her mum and dad how much she enjoys them with her giggle, this means the world to Liz and Sam.

“It’s wonderful to know that Abbie is such a happy little lady. Just recently Sense introduced Abbie to her special space blanket. Now she chuckles away whenever the cool, crinkly foil is wrapped around her.”
Liz, Abbie’s mum

Your gift of £20 could help pay for three colourful, textured tubes, containing jingling bells, so a child like Abbie can explore different sounds and sensations.

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First published: Wednesday 25 May 2016
Updated: Wednesday 25 May 2016