About Sense Hub Loughborough

We walked through the door at Sense Family Centre Woodside not knowing what to expect and a short time after, we walked back out feeling part of the Sense family. It was so great and we were made to feel so welcome.”


Expanding the college

A young boy with brown short hair is sitting oun a bouncing ball. A lady in a green and white striped top is holding him around the waist, a lady in a black coat.

You might already be aware of Sense College Loughborough, a specialist college helping young disabled people develop their independent living skills, access education and employment.

Sense Hub Loughborough expands and refurbishes the college and is home to lots of opportunities, offering community programmes, support and activities for people of all ages.

Here you’ll be able to access:

  • Arts and wellbeing programmes.
  • Specialised indoor and outdoor sport & physical activity programmes.
  • Play sessions for children under eights.
  • Outreach play sessions in local children’s centres.
  • Specialist support for children with multi-sensory impairments aged 0-25 years.
  • Help finding work placements, jobs and getting additional support in the workplace.
  • Day services to build life skills like cooking or using public transport.
  • Opportunities for short breaks away from home.

Specialist consultants, disabled artists, local charities, parents carers and disabled people will all be involved in creating Sense Hub Loughborough.

Going to the sessions had such a positive impact on us as a family because we suddenly found ourselves with people who knew what we were going through.”


Why Loughborough?

Charnwood Borough Council, which includes Loughborough, has approximately 5,774 people with complex disabilities. By 2030, that will rise to approximately 7,702 people.

We define complex disabilities as someone that has two or more of the following conditions and they report that their life is impacted by their disabilities: Sight loss, hearing loss, autism, learning disability.

These figures are taken from our groundbreaking research to understand the scale of complex disabilities in the UK in the present and for the future.

A young man in a chair smiles as he feels the vibrations from a gold singing bowl on his hands. Behind him are dark purple curtains.


If you need more information now, or just want to put your name down to be reminded about the opening day, do let us know.

Sense Hub Loughborough
Radmoor Road
LE11 3BS

Tel: 01509 611077
Email: [email protected]