Sense Hub Denbigh, Denbighshire

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Sense Hub Denbigh, our brand new centre, opened in 2023 in Denbighshire.

A place where no one is left out of life

Meet other people, discover shared interests and make new friends at Sense Hub Denbigh.

We’re here for anyone needing support with hearing impairments, vision impairments, physical disability, autism and learning disabilities, no matter your age.

“For Elisa to have the opportunity to spend time at a place like Sense Hub Denbigh, independent from us, a place where she can learn and practice new skills and interact with others outside of family members means so much. It is priceless to us as parents and to her as an individual.”


The Sense approach

Sense Hub Denbigh is not just a place to spend your day – it’s a place where you can learn new skills, express yourself and try all sorts of new activities.

Our special sensory approach makes sure you can communicate, explore the world and express yourself in a way that suits you. And you’ll be supported by skilled and friendly staff to make your own choices.

You will have your own personal care and support plan, based on your choices and interests. And you can enjoy a mix of activities – one-to-one or with other people – both at Sense Hub Denbigh and out in the community.

Relax in a safe environment

Sense Hub Denbigh has specially designed facilities and equipment to make communication, learning and getting around easier.

This includes:

  • A large activity space and two smaller activity rooms with hoist equipment.
  • A sensory room.
  • An immersive and inclusive technology room.
  • An independent living skills training flat with bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.
  • Two accessible bathrooms with sensory bath and hoist.
  • A sensory garden.
  • Visitor information.

What do we offer?

  • Arts, sport and wellbeing programmes.
  • Play sessions for children under eight.
  • Help finding work placements, jobs and getting additional support in the workplace.
  • Day services to build life skills like cooking or using public transport.
  • Opportunities for short breaks away from home.

Specialist consultants, disabled artists, local charities, parents, carers and disabled people will all be involved in creating Sense Hub Denbigh.


If you need more information about any of the services at Sense Hub Denbigh, get in touch!