Sense’s activity resources helped fill time for my daughter in lockdown

Sarah explains how Sense’s activity resources have helped fill her daughter Phoebe’s time in lockdown.

I’m Sarah, married to Andrew and we have two daughters. Our youngest daughter, Phoebe is 20 and has a rare chromosome disorder called Pitt Hopkins Syndrome. She is lucky enough to attend Sense College at Rothwell on their education pathway, for three days each week. Sense College offers personalised learning for young people with complex disabilities, aged between 16 and 25.

A girl in a wheel chair is wearing a grey jumper outside in the sun. In front of her there is lots of equipment for lots of activities
Phoebe takes part in some activities

We’ve received support from Sense, especially over the last 12 months while we have been shielding with Phoebe. The college has been keeping in regular contact and we have received activities to do from college and from the Sense arts, sports and wellbeing team.

When we were in lockdown, filling our time was hard, so Sense’s activities were great. Just following a programme while in lockdown was useful, and we were so grateful to have so much to choose from, what to repeat, and how we could adapt the suggestions for Phoebe.

Over the last few months, every two weeks we were excited to receive emails from Sense, with activities to do. I took a bit of time to work out which were appropriate for us and then got to work gathering the resources before then working out our week and where we would fit the activities in.