Our whole family backs Sense because Sense has been a family to us

Rich’s family are supported by Sense. He explains how Sense has made a difference.

Because of everything that Sense has done for us over the years, we were happy to help when we were asked to be a part of their new TV advert.

After it was all done and dusted, we went home, and Ernie was beaming. He was so proud that he could help raise awareness of Sense.

Little did he know, Teddy Sense was travelling across the country to give him a personalised ‘thank you’.

Ernie is beaming with a smile, he's holding Teddy Sense, a soft cuddly bear, on his head
Ernie beams as he holds his new Teddy Sense toy on his head

My boys have a special bond

My twin boys, Ted and Ernie, have the most special bond on the planet. Soon after they were born, Ernie was diagnosed with Down syndrome. Among the other symptoms, this had affected his vision and his hearing.

We went to a number of support groups to help us during this time. At one of the groups, another parent suggested that we talk to Sense, so we decided to give it ago.

We walked through the door at Sense Family Centre Woodside not knowing what to expect and a short time after, we walked back out feeling part of the Sense family. It was so great and we were made to feel so welcome.

Sense’s centre has been a second home

Since then, Sense Family Centre Woodside has been a second home to Ted and Ernie, and while Sense has taught us all how we can connect with each other differently, Ted has been Ernie’s best teacher.

Ted has always been first to achieve milestones with Ernie always close behind. They have a great relationship together at home and at school where they are in the same class.

We love to give back

During lockdown, Sense remained there to support us. There was always an online session for Ernie to take part in and there were even sessions for siblings like Ted. He loved being able to talk to other children and have some time in the day that was dedicated to him.

Sense has always been there for us and we love to give back when we can. Whether it is me running the marathon or Ted being on the BBC. Our whole family backs Sense because they have been a family to us!