Making new friends on Sense Holidays

Teenager George shares how making friends and trying new activities on Sense Holidays have boosted his confidence.

Trying new things

During the summer holidays when school is closed, it can get quite boring. But it’s very exciting going to places you’ve never been to before and it’s fun to try new things.

George and Jackie rowing on a Sense Holiday
George and Jackie rowing on a Sense Holiday

So a few years ago my parents said it might be good for me to go on a Sense Holiday.

On Sense Holidays you can take part in a variety of activities and visit different places. We do things like climbing, caving and canoeing and go on boat trips. Lots of different things like playing games, swimming and football. It’s so much fun.

Meeting new people

I get to meet new people on a Sense Holiday. It’s really good fun chatting to my new friends. We communicate British Sign Language. It can be difficult for me to communicate with people who can’t sign, but on a Sense Holiday all the staff can sign and they interpret for us when we go out.

Lots of activities

I’ve now been on two Sense Holidays. On my first one, at the Frank Chapman Centre in Worcestershire, we had bonfires and drank hot chocolate in the evenings. In the daytime, we played games, went swimming, walking… Lots of different activities.

My favourite thing was looking after the chickens.

On my second Sense Holiday, we walked through a maze in the park, went to the zoo, went cycling and bowling and played crazy golf.

Using sign language

It’s important for Deaf people to be able to communicate in sign language. It helps build your confidence. As a young person you need confidence and to learn new things for when you grow up and have to go out there, so going on a Sense Holiday is really helpful.

I’m very happy to have met everyone I’ve met on a Sense Holiday. There are no arguments, everyone is very kind.

Feeling nervous?

I remember a girl who was nervous at the beginning of my last Sense Holiday. It was her first time. When the holiday was finished, she was so sad to leave, even though she’d been so worried at first.

If you’re nervous about going on a Sense Holiday and meeting new people, don’t worry. The Sense team will be there to support you and help you develop and feel more comfortable. They’re all very kind.

They will never discriminate or make you feel bad. They are responsible for looking after us and making sure we are safe. If there is a problem and you’re feeling sad, upset or nervous they are always there to support you and make sure you feel comfortable.

They are there to help you with anything you may need. Things like showering and eating if you can’t do it on your own, or they will help you take your medication. Everything. I feel happy with them because they are so nice and they become my new friends.

I’d definitely go on a Sense Holiday again because it’s exciting going to new places. When you stay at home, everything can be the same. I’d rather go somewhere and have fun. I enjoy feeling independent and meeting new friends. It’s great.

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