Kevin’s plan for the perfect cuppa

Making yourself a mug of tea is one of life’s great joys. For Kevin, who’s deafblind, being able to do this wasn’t always straightforward. Over the course of a year, he’s been supported to make himself the perfect cuppa.

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Hi, I’m Kevin and I’ve been supported by Sense for about 14 years; I really like it. I’m deafblind so I get support with lots of different parts of my day – from getting ready in the morning to going out on day trips across the country.

I’m 59 years old and I’ve collected a lot of hobbies over the years! My time is filled with photography, listening to the football (especially when Arsenal are playing) or helping out around the house.

I keep busy, but I like to know that I’ll have time for a tea. My support worker, Catherine, has shown me how to make myself a cuppa, which took some time to learn.

Tea made by me

I think the best time to have a hot drink is at about 2 o’clock in the afternoon, so I usually head to the kitchen around then. Making a cup of tea takes a bit of extra planning when you’re blind. Catherine and I have been perfecting the process for months to get it just right.

First, I’m guided to the fridge where I can find my milk. Then I go to the cupboards where the mugs and spoons live. I take this to my one-mug kettle, which I can use myself. The mug goes under the kettle, and, with the press of a button, it’s filled up with just enough water. This is a lot safer for anyone with a visual impairment.

After I stir in the milk, all that is left is for me to be guided back to the fridge to put the milk away. Then I can sit down in my favourite seat and enjoy. A cup of tea that I’ve made myself tastes different to one that’s been made for me.

If I’m having biscuits with my tea then I’ll definitely choose chocolate ones – those are my favourite, no question.

A snapshot of my life as Sense

It’s great being able to do things for myself in the kitchen. After every meal, I help with the washing up, then Catherine and I will put things away.

We have a garden here and I like to get involved with the gardening. I’m one of those people that likes to feel useful. If I’m not outside gardening I might be in the office with the team. I’ll help answering the phones or with the shredding.

There’s still loads of time for me to get out and keep up with my hobbies. The best days are when there’s a truck show on, or if we go out to a car showroom. I go to these places all the time; I really like trucks and motors.

I’ve got photographs of me with tractors in Norfolk, NASA space rockets in America and at the London Transport Museum. My room is fitted with a talking tile, which gives me an audio description of these photographs, which are up on my bedroom wall.

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I use a similar process for my photography. I go out with my camera; someone describes the scene to me and then I’ll take the pictures. Getting out and about is important to me. I like living here because I get these opportunities to keep up with my hobbies.

All that talk about tea – now that we’re finished talking, I’m going straight to the kitchen to make myself a cup!

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