A special connection


"I am so proud that Sense supports people with such a range of challenges, talents and aspirations.

When we were first started by a group of families over 60 years ago, our main focus was on supporting children who were born deafblind as a result of rubella. But as the years passed, and those children grew up, we learned so much – not least how to help people to communicate in many different and amazing ways.

We also learned that all sorts of people can benefit from the Sense approach. And today we help people with many different challenges – from children who have been born with multiple disabilities to older people with failing sight and hearing; from adults with learning disabilities to families and carers. We’ve also developed services all across the country and I take a huge pride in our staff and the quality of care they provide.

We’ve come an awful long way since our early days then. But there is still one thing that unifies all the individuals and families we support, our staff, volunteers and the people who support us. It is the value of those human relationships that connect us all, that make life worth living – and which we passionately believe that each one of us should share.

Thank you for your support."

Gill Morbey

First published: Thursday 22 December 2016
Updated: Friday 6 January 2017