• How to make sensory moon sand

    Moon sand is a fun, crumbly material that’s sensory and relaxing to play with. Put it in a large plastic trough or a big washing up bowl, and introduce utensils or plastic toys to make it even more enjoyable.

  • Sensory nature walks

    Find out clever ways to make your nature walks even more sensory with this helpful activity guide, perfect at all times of year.

  • Frozen sensory water play

    A firm favourite, this sensory activity is both sensory to set up by exploring the different plants, and after with the slowly melting ice cubes.

  • Golden is the Morning poem

    Golden is the Morning is a poem that draws on our experience of mental health and wellbeing.

  • How to make scented bath bundles

    These homemade bundles use oats, dried flowers and essential oils to create a soothing, sensory bath time experience.

  • Seated yoga – Full sequence

    This is a 35-minute long chair yoga session to help you relax, breathe, stretch, and feel good in your body which brings together the techniques learned in the previous three videos.

  • Outside In music performance

    Enjoy three lovely songs from musicians Sam Fox and Ricardo Rocha as they sing and play the harp, the guitar, the ukulele and the accordion.

  • Exploring fabric and sound workshop

    Explore music, textures, and what connects them in this workshop, which encourages us to reflect on the things around us that bring us comfort and features two songs sung by Dike Okoh.

  • Sensory lavender-scented beans

    This relaxing activity can be made with either light-coloured beans or rice, and uses a scented dye to introduce extra sensory elements – feel free to customise the colours or scents used!

  • Calming flower bath

    This soothing project can start with a gentle walk in an outdoor space to collect blossoms and petals.