• Messy play

    Messy play is exactly what it sounds like: letting children play by creating a great big mess. 

  • Sensory stories

    Sensory stories are all about bringing a story to life using your senses. 

  • Inclusive relaxation and music session

    Gently drift away with this inclusive relaxation session which explores how it feels to be held through sound, self-touch and a lovely guided meditation.

  • Movement workshop – Using a ball

    This gentle seated yoga-inspired routine uses a ball (or a rolled-up pair of socks).

  • Movement workshop – Using a jacket

    This gentle seated yoga-inspired movement routine uses a simple jacket in clever ways to help stretch, mobilise and build strength in your arms and legs.

  • Sensory movements – Lower body

    Gently build strength and improve flexibility in your hips, legs and feet in this seated lower body routine

  • Sensory movements – Torso and spine

    Introduce small movements into your spine, core and torso, building strength and improving your flexibility in this gentle seated routine.

  • Movement workshop – Using a stick

    Use a long stick like a broom handle to help you move through this soft seated movement routine inspired by yoga, helping you build strength, stability and flexibility in your joints and muscles.

  • Create a nature mandala

    Arranging a nature mandala is a relaxing and mindful way to spend an hour. Why not make one on your daily walk, or as part of exploring the garden?

  • Build a xylophone in your garden

    Make music in your garden with a homemade instrument by building your own xylophone using jars and rocks!