• Inclusive dance session

    Get your body moving with this active, inclusive dance workshop that can be done standing up, or while seated, and is suitable for everyone of all ages and abilities.

  • Sensory movements – Calming flow

    Use these lovely, soothing movements to help calm down your body and your mind in this seated yoga-inspired routine, which finishes with a relaxing breathing exercise.

  • Sensory movements – Warming up

    A safe, gentle routine that can help you warm up your whole body and loosen any tight muscles.

  • Sensory movements – Upper body

    Stretch and mobilise your head, neck, shoulders and arms in this gentle seated upper body sensory routine.

  • Inclusive seated dance

    A seated contemporary dance workshop, that features fun, gentle exercises and easy movements, designed to be accessible for people of all abilities.

  • Movement workshop – Using a ball

    This gentle seated yoga-inspired routine uses a ball (or a rolled-up pair of socks).

  • Movement workshop – Using a jacket

    This gentle seated yoga-inspired movement routine uses a simple jacket in clever ways to help stretch, mobilise and build strength in your arms and legs.

  • Sensory movements – Lower body

    Gently buildĀ strength and improve flexibility in your hips, legs and feet in this seated lower body routine

  • Sensory movements – Torso and spine

    Introduce small movements into your spine, core and torso, building strength and improving your flexibility in this gentle seated routine.

  • Movement workshop – Using a stick

    Use a long stick like a broom handle to help you move through this soft seated movement routine inspired by yoga, helping you build strength, stability and flexibility in your joints and muscles.