• Make music with Body Synth

    Use your webcam to turn your body movements into sound in this weird and wonderful music session, which uses on-screen visuals to generate amazing interactive noises using Google's Body Synth engine.

  • Making Sense song workshop

    Explore all the senses with this fun song workshop that features singing, dancing and lots of friendly faces.

  • Parachute ball roll

    Get active with this fun, extra-sensory parachute team game.

  • Making sounds at home workshop

    Learn how to make fun sounds and interesting noises by using a cardboard box of simple household items in this inclusive, sensory activity.

  • Make your own bubbles

    For a great sensory activity that uses simple household objects, have a go at making your own bubble mixture and wand.

  • Create a nature mandala

    Arranging a nature mandala is a relaxing and mindful way to spend an hour. Why not make one on your daily walk, or as part of exploring the garden?

  • Make your own clay plant markers

    A lovely sensory activity where you can use storebought clay to make your own custom plant markers.

  • Homemade watercolour paints

    Making these paints is a fun, sensory experience in itself because the recipe involves creating a fun, fizzing concoction – as well as making cool paints!

  • Make art with ink blowing

    A fun, colourful workshop that uses bright inks, runny poster paint or even strong coffee to make your very own abstract art.

  • Making Sounds at Home: Umbrella sounds 2

    Another sensory activity where you can explore making sounds at home with an umbrella.