Make a butterfly garland

If you’ve got some old magazines lying around, these decorative hanging butterfly garlands are the perfect way to recycle them.

A handmade butterfly garland

You can hang them in the garden, from the ceiling, across door frames as bunting, or anywhere you like!

This guide is part of our Sense Arts, Sport & Wellbeing programme. This activity can be done at a time that suits you, either in your own space or in an educational setting.

Who is this for?

This is a crafting activity for people who are deafblind or have complex disabilities.

Why does this make a difference?

This is a creative, sensory activity that helps people connect with their surroundings by exploring touch and different textures while supporting independent choice and self-expression. 

A collection of magazine cuttings and string on a wooden background

How to do this activity

What you’ll need

  • Old magazines or papers
  • Scissors
  • A pen
  • A ruler
  • String, ribbon, wool or embroidery thread
Cutting paper with scissors

Step 1

Each butterfly is made from two pieces. To make four butterflies, cut four (or more) 10cm x 10cm squares, and four 10 x 6cm rectangles. You should have eight pieces at the end, but you can cut more if you need. Round the edges on the 10cm x 10cm squares using scissors.
Concertina fold each piece

Step 2

Concertina fold each piece like a fan, then fold in half. 
Folded magazine wings for butterfly garlands

Step 3

Time to match your wings together by pairing smaller and larger pieces. Decide which ones work best together, then tie them together with a small piece of string.
Tying a butterfly made from magazine clippings to string

Step 4

Cut a longer piece of string to hang your butterflies from. Starting from the top, tie each butterfly to the string. Then hang up in your window, garden, horizontally as bunting, or anywhere you choose.