Sense spirit film with audio description


Note: Larger bold text indicates on screen text, smaller, regular text indicates voiceover wording.

Communication can connect us

Or isolate us…

School girls in a gazebo chatting while a girl watches from afar, sitting alone.

A man stares through a window, looking sad.

At Sense we find thousands of ways to connect…

The next 20 seconds, shows people engaging in different activities using different ways of communicating…

Through the language of speech

A woman talking with her Sense Support Worker.

The language of sign

A woman sitting with her phone propped up on her kitchen table signing to her Sense Support Worker via FaceTime.

The language of music

A young girl lying on her back with her legs elevated on a large drum feeling the rhythm that her Sense Children and Family Support worker is making with the drumsticks.

The language of smell

A woman is sat in her wheelchair and her Sense Support Worker both sitting by a kitchen table with yellow, green and red peppers in front of them. The Sense Support Worker is holding half a red pepper to the woman’s nose so she can smell it.

The language of art

A blind woman is feeling a textured painting displayed on the wall in front of her at an art exhibition.

The language of dance

Three people are holding their hands up in the air and are moving round in a circle during a dance class.

The language of baby Josh playing with bubbles

A baby called Josh is sitting with his Sense Multi-sensory Impairment Specialist, who is holding a handful of bubbles for Josh to touch, feel and play with.

The language of Lucy

A woman called Lucy is having a conversation with her Sense Support Worker using her own language of gestures.

The language of Libby

A woman called Libby, who’s sitting in her wheelchair, responding with smiles and head movements to picture symbols in a book being held in front of her by her Sense Support Worker.

The language of Fernando

A man called Fernando is having a conversation with his Sense Support Worker using hand on hand signing.

For everyone who is deafblind.

For everyone living with complex disabilities.

For everyone.

Because life’s better when we’re all connected.

The next 20 seconds, shows people connecting with each other and the world around through different activities, including…

Two people chatting in a café using hand on hand signing.

A group of people enjoy swaying back to back in a dance class.

A wheelchair user being taken on an adapted bike ride.

A toddler plays in a sensory ball pond.

A girl laughs under a giant multi-coloured parachute being wafted by the rest of the group.

A boy at an outdoor centre  enjoys lying on a large square rope net tied between trees being bounced by other young people in his group holding the edge of the rope net.

A girl and support volunteer enjoy kayaking.

A man and support worker have fun performing a lively hand dance routine.

Two women smile and give each other a hug.

Sense - connecting sight, sound and life.

No one left out of life, no matter what.