Our vision

Our vision is a world where no one with complex communication needs is isolated, left out, or unable to fulfil their potential.

We all need to feel connected, and yet we all connect differently.

For many, being understood and making connections doesn’t come easily, especially in a world that relies on being able to see and hear well.

That is why we believe that everyone, no matter how complex their communication needs, deserves the right to be connected and part of society. It’s why we strive together to unlock barriers to communication so everyone can enjoy meaningful lives – be it through speech or sign, touch or movement, gesture or sound, art or dance.

Our values

Our vision is underpinned by five values, which guide all that we do.

  • Honesty in how we behave
  • Engaging in our approach
  • Accountability for our actions
  • Recognition of people’s contribution and worth
  • Trust in each other.

Our ‘I’ statements put these values into effect and describe our behaviours and expectations.

Our ‘I’ statements

  • I will listen to others
  • I will understand and respond
  • I will respect others
  • I will be honest and open
  • I will participate and contribute
  • I will take informed risk
  • I will find things to celebrate
  • No decision about me, without me