Diversity pay gaps at Sense

About pay gaps

Our pay gaps compare the pay of one group of employees to another group. If their average hourly pay is the same, there is no pay gap. If there’s a difference, this is called the pay gap.

This is different to equal pay – that’s when employees earn the same pay for the doing the same job. So an organisation can have a pay gap but still pay people equally.

On our latest snapshot date of 5 April 2022 the diversity pay gaps at Sense are as follows:

  • Gender: 0.4%

  • Disability: 0%

  • Ethnicity: 2.5%

Overview of our pay gap data

Sense is committed to ensure fairness and equality for all our employees, regardless of their gender, ethnicity or disability. A diverse workforce is critical to building trust and delivering positive outcomes for the people we support.

The latest results reflect a new pay strategy and more inclusive talent acquisition practices. However, we recognise more must be done to completely eradicate pay gaps and deliver the truly equal, diverse and inclusive workplace we strive for.

Our ethnicity and disability pay gaps are calculated in the same way as our gender pay gap reporting. We are committed to removing the small ethnicity pay gap and we’re also missing key data in this area, so we’re working hard to address these by investing in new systems and processes.