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'I fear for my future'

A report on the experiences of deafblind people and their families in the last year – one of the hardest in living memory.


A framework for video analysis of practice

This report details research Sense carried out on developing good working practice with people who have sensory impairments, and limited communication skills, by using video analysis and a framework of seven principles which expand staff expertise. The appendices can be accessed here

Developing_Good_Working_Practice_Video_Analysis.pdf Developing_Good_Working_Practice_Video_Analysis.doc

A practical guide to implementing the Care Act for deafblind people

This guide is intended to support senior managers and policy makers involved in implementing the Care Act to enable them to understand the key aspects of the Act that have a bearing on care and support for deafblind people and people with complex needs. It will also be useful to anyone working in deafblind care and support to understand how the Care Act will impact on their work. It is not intended as a detailed guide to all the provisions of the Act, merely to draw out the key points in relation to deafblind people. It is a supplement to other training and information on the Act, not a replacement.

Implementing the Care Act.pdf

A Sense of Urgency

This report summarises the findings from the Centre for Disability Research's 2010 report and includes recommendations from Sense.

A_Sense_of_Urgency_Summary_report_CEDR_Research.pdf A_Sense_of_Urgency_Summary_report_CEDR_Research.txt


This information sheet describes the main features of this condition, the challenges that individuals and families face and where to go for help.

About_CHARGE.pdf About_CHARGE.txt About_CHARGE.doc

Advice to local authority commissioners on meeting the needs of children and young people with sensory impairments in implementing SEND reform

This briefing is to help commissioners in local authorities discharge their responsibilities to children and young people with sensory impairments under Part 3 of the Children and the Families Act 2014 and the new Special Educational Needs Code of Practice.

It summarises five key issues on which action may be required to ensure the needs of children with sensory impairments are met. Taking action on these issues will support you in improving outcomes whilst also making effective use of specialist staff and resources.

advice_implementing_send_reform.pdf advice_implementing_send_reform.docx

An overview of CHARGE syndrome

Presentation by Gail Deuce, Principal MSI Consultant, Children’s Specialist Services, Sense – 21st Century CHARGE Conference, 11-13 March 2011