Sense Awards 2014

Nominations for the Annual Sense Awards 2014 are now open! Do you know someone who has done something amazing?

Illustration of hands clappingThe Sense Awards celebrate the achievements of people involved in our work. We know that there are huge numbers of people achieving incredible things everyday – now is your chance to give them the recognition they deserve! Is there a person, organisation or project that has really impressed you over the last year?

You can now nominate for the following categories:

Deafblind Person of the Year

Is a deafblind person you know excelling in a particular area, are they overcoming obstacles, or perhaps have seen successes in campaigning, fundraising, awareness-raising, or volunteering? Make your nomination for the Deafblind Person of the Year award here.

Carer of the Year

Do you know a person with caring responsibilities or a family member who is remarkable? Have they supported you or someone you know to do something new or exciting? Make your nomination for the Carer of the Year award here.

Change Maker of the Year

Are you in touch with professionals or organisations who have spearheaded good practice, been innovative in their approach, supported positive change for a deafblind person or family member, or perhaps enabled deafblind people to have successes? Make your nomination for the Change Maker of the Year award here.

Powerful Partnership of the Year

An opportunity to celebrate organisations that have supported our work through fundraising or gifts in kind, who have worked with us to promote a cause or strengthened the support Sense has been able to offer deafblind people. Make your nomination for the Powerful Partnership of the Year award here.

Good Service Award

What organisations do you know that have been innovative in their work to accommodate deafblind people? Perhaps they have changed the way they work to enable a deafblind person to access facilities, provided training for staff, or even modified a building. Make your nomination for the Good Service award here.

Volunteer of the Year

An opportunity to celebrate Sense volunteers who have developed new skills, shown commitment, and exceeded expectations. Perhaps they have improved the delivery of a service or function. Make your nomination for the Volunteer of the Year award here.

Make your nomination(s) today!

Closing date for nominations is Friday 31 October 2014!

If you have any questions you can contact the Conference and Events team on: 020 7520 0956 (voice or text) or email

First published: Monday 14 May 2012
Updated: Friday 24 October 2014