How to campaign

Campaigning is all about taking action to bring about positive change.

A group campaign outside Westminster"I want to be involved with campaigning because it’s the only way things will change and my life will improve."
A deafblind person

If you want to campaign, first you have to believe that your actions can make a difference. They truly can.

"When I started campaigning for a pedestrian crossing on the road near my local shops I didn’t honestly think I’d got a chance. But support for the campaign just grew and grew and now, after almost two years, we have won! 

"We have a pedestrian crossing, complete with tactile paving, beeper and rotating knob! I’m so happy and excited that I can now go out more safely!"
A deafblind person

If you have direct experience of the issue you are campaigning on, that personal testimony is one of the most powerful campaigning tools there is. 

Follow the links below to find out more about how you can campaign and about how campaigning works in practice.

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First published: Monday 16 April 2012
Updated: Wednesday 29 August 2012